Samuel Butler

The Way Of All Flesh

Main Details
Publisher Series Penguin English Library
Author Samuel Butler
Introduction by Richard Hoggart
Author photo/portrait Charles Gogin
Cover Artist Samuel Butler
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Publisher Penguin Books Inc.
Publisher Penguin Books Australia Ltd
Printed by Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd
First Published 1903
First Published 1947 (in Penguin]
Reissued 1966
Reprinted 1971, 1973
Copyright 1966 [introduction and notes]
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 14 043.012 1
Price United Kingdom 40p / Australia $1.15 (recommended) / New Zealand $1.15 / Canada $1.65
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location Harmondsworth; Baltimore; Ringwood
Genre Fiction
Page Count / Font 443 / Linotype Pilgrim
Language English
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